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You no longer see faces You no longer know names Can’t distinguish the living The dead all look the same We’ll make you a monster Immune to death, pain and fear The order to advance it the last thing you will hear The gun in your hand The last embrace you will know The lover’s caress That is the killing blow Be a breathing weapon Bread for death, nothing more Live dealing out murder Die choking on gore The day has come March into battle and die in the sun The battle is won But all of the dead know the taste of defeat Baptized in blood Born again with the slaughter I cause Preemptive assault No Mercy, justice, no regard for laws Spread havoc and mayhem The butchered rot in the aftermath I can not be restrained Unleashed to kill everything in my path.
The skin falls off my face Worms devour my eyes Lungs are filled with bacteria And my organs liquefied. Pray to the vultures Host for the parasites Breeding diseases Plagues to infect the living Decaying in the burning sun Lifeless. Unburied. Swollen with putrefaction Lidless eyes To watch everything die Dead alive Destined to fester Endless torture Eternal in this…Rotting Season! My torso ravaged by relentless scavengers Rancid Flesh now a feast for wretched beasts Putrid clouds swirl above A storm of death on the horizon Blood rains from dead heavens Colors stained with decay, Life withers away. Lipless, lidless Flesh returned to soil Infected, infested Kingdom of disease Human extinction Rotting Season
Waking up but I am trapped in a nightmare that won’t end The carnage spares not sanity, the living here are dead The battlefield is silent but the war inside my head remains Smoke rises from the craters ashes sting my eyes Every instant screams in pain, to be conscious I despise No victory just bodies every one of us dies in vain Slaughter-Can it be that nothing’s changed Slaughter-Have your fathers died in vain Slaughter-You won’t see your sons again Slaughter-the world has gone insane What callous consciousness would bring us to this state Puppets for the powerful, we are slaves of hate A means toward conquest, now exterminate us all Sent into the maelstrom to lose our humanity Enthroned upon a martyred world, corrupt insanity All consuming mania, after vanity, the fall This is your legacy-Inches of ground bought with thousands of lives Sent to die-by men who think themselves equals of gods So spare me this rhetoric of glory That mentality will keep us forever in chains Human eulogy-Mass sacrifice on the altar of avarice Humanity is doomed to die, sentenced to be slain Gasp a blood choked last goodbye, excruciating pain Massacred, brainwashed with lies, a final insane farewell Fodder for factory and battlefield, your leaders are corrupt Dying for their gain, watch blood and shells erupt And when your hour comes, fall abruptly to Hell
Memento Mori 03:39
One people under one moon and one sun From the nursery to the mortuary Divided and imprisoned by the rule of the gun But united and equalized by our mortality Your wars are distractions as your days melt away And when the time comes you must heed the call Advanced machines to achieve victory No one will be superior when the bombs start to fall One people under one moon and one sun What misguided fools you mortals are The fight against each other is lost as soon as it’s begun No one will be ruling at the end of the war You’e a fool to look for differences between you and I The gift to us each our maker gave You never can escape it, one day we both shall die And our bodies lie forever equal in or graves.


--- 4 tracks of crude, hateful old-school deathmetal.
--- Limited to 300 handnumbered copies
--- Artwork by Jon Clue (www.jonclue.com)
--- Band website: mutantsupremacy.com

<<<Death Metal grave robbers Mutant Supremacy have looted a whole cemetery stocked with festering corpses named Bolt Thrower, Entombed and Cannibal Corpse. They're redolent of their obvious influences' stench just in case you couldn't seem them printed on their longsleeves. Mutant Supremacy's morbid tales and everflowing streams of aggression are not going to blow away anybody who's been paying attention to death metal at any point in the last two decades, but the performances are spot on and Rotting Season nails the scrappy, maggoty ambiance of a bygone era.
The four song EP, which was actually recorded back in 2010, states its intention off the bat with "Kill Without Question." The song divebombs onto the scene with full whammy bar abuse before chugging along in familiar Entombed mode. Mutant Supremacy ride that wave of retro classic death that puts more emphasis on hook and sepulchral atmosphere than the ability to play a gazillion notes a minute. "Memento Mori," which, naturally, closes out the proceedings, pulls that morbid creepy crawly opening before blasting up the remainders of the song. You can tell the tempo shift is coming, but it's still a fun moment when it happens.
While (judging solely by their promo photos) most of Mutant Supremacy where probably pooping their Pampers back when Death, Morbid Angel and Dismember were pooping out classic records, the quartet innately understood what made that era of metal special and do their best to recapture that vibe. While your nostalgia could probably be more adequately addressed by playing those classic records, Rotting Season is an adequate stopgap in a pinch.>>> grindandpunishment.blogspot.gr


released March 8, 2012

--- Sam Awry - guitar/vox
--- Curtis Johnston - guitar
--- Winslow - bass/vox
--- Robert Nelson - drums/vox


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