--- Limited to 666 copies. SOLD OUT!

--- Cardboard sleeve.

--- Includes lyric insert printed on thick paper.

--- The band from the ashes of whom rose DEAD CONGREGATION!

--- Old-school deathmetal devastation a la Slayer, Immolation, Kaamos, Repugnant, Grave, etc. The original cassette @ NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS (2003) has been praised by the worldwide underground as one of contemporary death metal’s most important demo releases…

--- “(…) even though it was recorded way back in 2003, everything about the “Abomination Virginborn” 7″ (which is actually a vinyl re-release of the band’s final demo) from Greek death metallers Nuclear Winter looks and sounds old school as fuck! And I love every minute of it! Three tracks in 12+ minutes of thick, chugging, early-90′s styled death metal with fucking excellent vocal power, slick melodic leads, the works… It just kicks ass, plain and simple. It’s sort of like a faster and less melodic Bolt Thrower in many instances, but the vocals lend a certain sense of primal aggression to the tracks that I fuckin’ love. Incredibly perfect recording for this niche, too. I’m sold. The sleeve looks killer as well, though. Everything about this EP just nails it.” (www.aversionline.com)

--- “(…) Nuclear Winter paid tribute to the past masters of dismal death over the course of three songs.
Unlike a lot of death metal, which insists on unremitting brutality and technical acumen, Nuclear Winter recognized that atmosphere was often a more important component. (…) There are no drum triggers, the blastbeats sound human, the riffs chainsaw, the art is suitably Hellhammered and the guitars are full of those pinched squealy sounds. This is death metal the way I remember it.” (grindandpunishment.blogspot.com)


released 22 December 2006

--- Artwork by DTHS aka Timo Ketola.



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Track Name: Dead Congregation
Murmur of the semon fades away
stained glass windows fall... and crash

Howling barking pushing through
a horrified congregation
mothers covered eyes of children
while I rip their bowels

Skin removed, true self revealed,
so beauty so fucking rare
Find now the closed gates of gold,
your body reduced to waste

No longe lives the "lord" in me
but a million devils!
Tell your "lord" to bless
as I eat your face!

I recite sons of Abraham
each one a slave in Hell!
Let me hear you sing praise
my dead congregation!